January 21st
True leading leads to true changing. It’s getting those who follow you to believe in the path you're blazing; not only through your sweat, and tears, but ultimately from the only blood that can cover you and your peers. Christ is the Leader’s leader and if anyone ever desires to lead people in life, it is a must therefore to read Jesus Christ.  Without His leading being the example that your bleeding, there is never a trail for others to see.

Consider this!

You see, a leader whose work is his personal ethic, is one who desires his sweat to be what others follow. But as that type of leader keeps going at his own relentless pace, he leaves behind his followers without the sweat they once followed as a trace. The work then was in vain; and his ethics would have worked better in athletics.

Then there is the type of leader who makes his tears his reference of influence. He lets his followers get up close to see the gloss in his eyes, but can take them no further because the mask he wears is a disguise. He can’t see but himself. Thus, it was never about godly influence in the first place as it was about making himself a god with his influence. 

But when it is the blood that you lead by, then it is eternal impact that you live by. Those following you won’t change because of your sweat, nor will they transform from your tears. But I tell you the truth from experience, it is only the blood that leads to true repentance.

The word repentance is ‘metanoia’ in Greek and means to “change your mind.”  Or in the military, it is an about face. A change of direction. A real leader inspires change in the right direction. An about face, which is only accomplished by introducing your followers to the Author of grace. The One whose blood covers and whose example motivates the leader to respond out of service not status.

Jesus’ blood is the "vein" of true leadership.  Making His life the "example" that must be traced to lead others back to His face. An about face. Change.

The word 'example' in Greek is hupogrammos and means this: in common Greek usage, this word designated a tablet that contained the entire Greek alphabet. Students would use this to trace the alphabet, learning each letter from alpha to omega. The life of Jesus, from suffering to leading, is exactly and perfectly such a tracing tablet.  We, students, are to trace His example, beginning at alpha going to omega. 
"Matt Maher was an AWESOME speaker today. Such a powerful message delivered with eloquence, grace, honesty and real emotion. I will be forever moved by his message today. Please let him know I believe he will make a huge difference in this world in a very powerful way so I hope he gets to talk at every high school out there."
Lorraine Concord, California