February 11th

If today was your last day to live, how would you choose to live it? Who would you choose to be with? Would you even have time to read this?  

If today was the last day of your life, would you care about what you would wear? Would you waste time looking in the mirror? Would you stay in or leave your house? Would you spend time with friends or just your spouse?

If today was the day you would breathe your last breath, would you ponder life after death?  Would you make amends with your enemies or spend time with your friends and amenities?

If today was your last, would you live it any different than yesterday? Would tomorrow be considered too far away? 

Would you be held by your past? Or in the present, still moving so fast?  Would you wake up early or sleep in late?  Would you argue or cry about your fate?  

If today was your last day to live into, what would you want others to say about you? What would they remember after you’re gone?  Or what would your death instantly make them forget about you that was wrong?

Crazy questions to consider? Well, not when you know that if you live each day like it’s your last--that eventually, one day, you will be right.